Inflammation Slayer September 2019 by Jodi Brown
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Inflammation Slayer September 2019

Join us and learn how to  reduce your inflammation and reverse your nagging symptoms.  If I can do it, so can you.
Enrollment is closed

100% Money Back Guarantee

I am confident that this course will completely shift you and your health outcome, but YOU have to do the work, I can't do it for you.
If after two weeks you have decided that this program is not for you, I'll refund your money 100%.  You'll need to contact me on or before September 27, 2019 at 5pm to get a full refund.

Jodi Brown, Inflammation Slayer

12 years ago my life radically changed when I learned the value of real nutrition delivered to us in the form of food.
Food is medicine.
My journey to wellness has been a long & painful one. The medical industrial complex failed me but food never did.
I reversed the symptoms of my inflammatory autoimmune disease by changing what I eat and what I think. I'd like to show you how to do the same.
You might just end up like me - if you're lucky.